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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by the The Beatles. Recorded over a 129-day period beginning on 6 December 1966, the album was released on 1 June 1967 in the United Kingdom and the following day in the United States. Sgt. Pepper's is often described as The Beatles' magnum opus, and one of the most influential albums of all time by prominent critics and publications. It was ranked the greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone in more Wikipedia logo

Track Listing     (Right click, 'save as' to download; Left click to play in browser)

A Day In The Life - 05:33    5.22MB
Being For The Benefit Of Mr - 02:37    2.46MB
Fixing A Hole - 02:36    3.06MB
Getting Better - 02:47    2.62MB
Good Morning Good Morning - 02:41    3.15MB
Lovely Rita - 02:41    2.56MB
Lucy In The Sky - 03:28    3.26MB
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 04:47    3.93MB
Sgt Pepper's Reprise - 01:18    1.85MB
She's Leaving Home - 03:35    4.20MB
When I'm Sixty Four - 02:37    2.47MB
With A Little Help From My Friends - 02:44    2.57MB
Within You Without You - 05:05    5.96MB
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