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Revolver is the seventh album by The Beatles, released on 5 August 1966. The album showcased a number of new stylistic developments which would become more pronounced on later albums. Many of the tracks on Revolver are marked by an electric guitar-rock sound, in contrast with their previous, folk-rock inspired Rubber Soul. It reached #1 on the UK chart for seven weeks and #1 on the U.S. chart for six more Wikipedia logo

Track Listing     (Right click, 'save as' to download; Left click to play in browser)

And Your Bird Can Sing - 02:01    2.90MB
Elenor Rigby - 02:07    4.99MB
Good Day Sunshine - 02:07    1.99MB
Got To Get You Into My Life - 02:30    5.93MB
Here, There And Everywhere - 02:25    5.75MB
I'm Only Sleeping - 02:56    2.76MB
She Said She Said - 02:37    2.46MB
Taxman - 02:39    3.72MB
Tomorrow Never Knows - 02:58    2.79MB
Yellow Submarine - 02:37    2.47MB
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