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Meet The Beatles! is the second Beatles' album released in the United States, despite the "first album" claim on its cover. Released on 20 January 1964, it was the first Capitol Records Beatles album. Capitol is a sister company to Parlophone, the Beatles British label, and both are subsidiaries of more Wikipedia logo

Track Listing     (Right click, 'save as' to download; Left click to play in browser)

All My Loving - 02:11    3.09MB
Ask Me Why - 02:27    5.78MB
I Wanna Be Your Man - 01:59    2.80MB
I Want To Hold Your Hand - 02:26    2.01MB
It Won't Be Long - 02:13    5.23MB
Roll Over Beethoven - 02:47    3.28MB
This Boy - 02:16    2.14MB
Till There Was You - 02:16    2.14MB

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