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Magical Mystery Tour is the name of the 11-song album and six-song double EP by the English rock band The Beatles, first released in late 1967. It is the soundtrack to a one-hour television film that was originally aired, in black and white, in the UK in 1967. Initially released as an EP in the UK, the recording was expanded to a full album on subsequent U.S. release, adding several recent singles to the more Wikipedia logo

Track Listing     (Right click, 'save as' to download; Left click to play in browser)

All You Need Is Love - 03:48    3.57MB
Baby You're A Rich Man - 03:03    2.87MB
Blue Jay Way - 03:56    3.70MB
Hello Goodbye - 03:31    4.96MB
I Am The Walrus - 04:34    4.30MB
Magical Mystery Tour - 02:51    2.69MB
Penny Lane - 02:59    2.80MB
Strawberry Fields Forever - 04:06    3.90MB
The Fool On The Hill - 03:00    4.09MB
Your Mother Should Know - 02:29    3.86MB
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