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TKs Mix & Mash Info & Track Listing

Low Rider Mix Low Rider Mix

I put this mix together a couple of years ago using, almost exclusively, remixes as opposed to mash-ups. This is definitely a club goer’s delight, although it starts off slow and easy. That Low Rider mix that kicks it off has a great hook and never fails to excite. It’s done by The Ganja Kru, a collaboration between DJ Hype, DJ Zinc, and DJ Pascal, all independently successful drum'n'bass producers. The trio has released only a few records over the years -- Super Sharp Shooter (1996), New Frontiers (1997), and Fu-k The Milennium (1999) -- yet has maintained a super-group status with occasional remixes for big-name artists like DJ Rap, All Saints, and Missy Eliott.
The set kinda moves along in a low tempo groove until The Chemical Brothers arrive - then the flood gates open. The mix carries on in a Hi-NRG, very danceable way right to the end. This is my go-to mix for a quick-pick-me-up buzz. Other notable entries here: Not oft heard Nocera & Attitude from the 80's; Techno remixes from The Doobie Brothers, Lisa Stansfield, Supertramp & The Beatles and a lot of Fatboy Slim to close the show. Most of the remixes here emanate from the always outstanding producers at Select Mix/Hot Tracks (noted with an HT in the title), others from some indie producers and from Ultimix…all guaranteed to please.

Listed below are the individual tracks used in the mix - Left click a title to play it in a seperate browser; Right click to snatch and grab; or, put it in the player and stream it...

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