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TKs Mix & Mash Info & Track Listing

Impossible Mix Pic Impossible Mix

This is one of my very first sets; and, I think the first time I put a mix together using the remixes from SelectMix/Hot Tracks. I have purposely left the set raw and there is very little tweaking done to the transitions....makes it almost feel like it used to sound in the clubs in the late 70s and early 80s as the songs dropped within 4 to 16 measures of each other and sometimes even tighter than that. I can remember feeling like a little kid at Christmas when the 15 disc set arrived from SelectMix with all these remixed dance floor classics and I just set about throwing them up. No mash ups here just straight up classics with a few younger tunes and even a rock & roll medley, from the good folks at XMIX, thrown in...use them as you will, either individually or as a group....hope you like.                                                                                                                                         

Listed below are the individual tracks used in the mix - Left click a title to play it in a seperate browser; Right click to snatch and grab; or, put it in the player and stream it...

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