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TKs Mix & Mash Info & Track Listing

Gangster Mash Dawg Gangster Mash Mix

If you like bootlegs I’ve no doubt you’ll like this mix.  It’s filled with a real eclectic swirl of mash-ups, R&B & Rock classics and some great harmonic progressions. There’s something in there from every decade, starting in the sixties and hop scotching all the way into the new millennium. Some of my favorite mixers and mashers are represented here and I’m more than happy to acknowledge and distribute.
Stellar Mashs from Arty Fufkin, DJ Briguy, DJ John, DJ Le Clown, DJ Paul V, BRAT Productions, Mr Wig, Voicedude, 2 each from  DJ BC, Party Ben & Pheugoo and the always excellent remixes from Masters At Work, Boogie Pimps, Alex C (now DFRNT) & Select Mix move the mix from a start of 87 BPMSJosh Tobin’s take on the state of Gangster Rap – to 130 BPMs when the Devo Man arrives at the end.
Take it, share it, live it or dance to it…have fun with it.

Listed below are the individual tracks used in the mix - Left click a title to play it in a seperate browser; Right click to snatch and grab; or, put it in the player and stream it...

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