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TKs Mix & Mash Info & Track Listing

Everyday Peopl Back Sign I Want People Back Everyday Mix

This grew out of that first mash-up by Alex C - Jackson 5 and Arrested Development. It's got a great hook at the start and is a perfect launch for the rest of the mix - (thanks Alex, nice stuff). Probably more Rock than R&B at work here but the groove builds very gradually, notably textured by a quick set of three early 80's R&B charters - 2 fairly obscure and one not so much (Patrice Rushen, O'Bryan & Paul Laurence) - right in the middle. An almost equal mix of mash-ups and straight up remixes keeps the beat from going over 125 BPMs and creates an overall smooth ambience throughout. The mash-ups are all top notch, lots of fun and big ups go out to the following producers: The aforementioned Alex C; Pheugoo; DJ BC; DJ Lobsterdust; DJ Spenny; DJ Moule; AudioDile; Hollaback Merle; A plus D; DJ Earworm; Miss Frenchie; DJ Mei-Lwun; IDC (for the Lennon remix); & Aggro1. Have fun with the tracks and hope you liked the mix...                                                                                                                                            

Listed below are the individual tracks used in the mix - Left click a title to play it in a seperate browser; Right click to snatch and grab; or, put it in the player and stream it...

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