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TKs Mix & Mash Info & Track Listing

Callin' Out Mix Pic Callin' Out Mix

A distinctly feminine voice to the set; although, there is a healthy dose of testosterone thrown in to weigh the anchor. Three selections from Bananarama, two appearances by Madonna and the ultimate feminine anthem, Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive tilt the scale in favor of the female gender. Most of the tunes here, in general, are remixes of great dance tunes from the late 70s early 80s - a time I knew well - with a few bootlegs featuring tunes from about the same era. I had fun making this one and will listen to it a lot, still. I can no longer identify some of the original remixers but props here are served toDJ Tripp, Dunproofin, DJ Einstein & Dean Perkins for their mash up work; and, Select Mix/Hot Tracks & Ultimix for some of the remixes used.  

Listed below are the individual tracks used in the mix - Left click a title to play it in a seperate browser; Right click to snatch and grab; or, put it in the player and stream it...

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